Who is the Medieval Living History Society

The Medieval Living History Society was founded in 2013 by a group of reenactors for the purpose of studying Medieval History and educating the public on the subject matter. Our studies aid us in recreating a wide variety Medieval skills, from Cooking to Combat and all things in between. It is our belief that when we do lectures, demonstrations, and encampments, our goal is to have as much of a period look as possible. And to that end, we strive constantly to improve our kits and our impressions.

As a whole, we try not to pigeon-hole ourselves into one particular period of time. But many of our members are perfectly happy doing one great 8th Century Dane impression, or a 14th Century Burgundian impression. Certain kits can be timeless throughout the Medieval era. Diversity is encouraged as it can help one to appreciate how far a skill or art form has progressed throughout time. It can help one be a more well-rounded reenactor, or at least one with a larger wardrobe.

Our primary group goal is to educate and give a historical appearance. Our secondary goal is to be a part of the vibrant and colorful community we inhabit. One way we try to approach this is by putting an effort to do displays or demostrations every couple of months. The group also participates in various school programs and community festivals around the area.

While our group does not practice an open membership policy, we are open to meeting new people. We take a great deal of pride in what we devote much of our life to. We are not rude nor are we snobs. So if you live in this area and are interested in meeting with us, please contact us for more information.